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The No.1 Company for Authenticity Verification Solution

The Global Leader for Technology Rights Protection

The Global Leader in the Mobile Service Market

We protect the value of a company’s brands,

digital content rights and provide distribution

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Overseas Expansion of CK&B

With the recent establishments of our overseas subsidiaries in China and Hong Kong, we, at CK&B, are looking to further expand our business into new markets and to spur our exports to the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. Additionally, having our branches in the United States, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam, CK&B provides solutions tailored to each country and responds quickly to global demands and standards.

As the only Korean technology selected as an official anti-counterfeit solution by CTAAC(Chinese Trade Association for Anti-Counterfeiting), CK&B stands above other existing solutions.

Overseas Expansion of Authenticity Verification Solutions

By providing authenticity verification solutions to a number of international companies in China, Thailand, the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Spain and other markets, CK&B has been positioned as a global solution provider.

The scope of our international expansion is growing due to not only direct, but also indirect exports.

Over 700 domestic and international brands are currently using HiddenTag as an authentication solution for their exports, thus allowing HiddenTag to be well-known globally among consumers as the most trusted authenticity verification solution.

The Authenticity Verification App with the Highest User Awareness

HiddenTag is an unique authenticity verification service based on unique technology, which allows embedding of different information to labels with the same design. The HiddenTag app can be easily downloaded and is available in multiple languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese).

Currently, the app has the highest download rate in China, followed by Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, as well as the United States, Europe and Africa.

H-UID(Hidden Unique Identity)

HiddenTag is a solution that can easily distinguish copyright protection, illegal content distribution and forgery, by embedding user ID or unique data, which is impossible to see with the naked eye, in multiple digital contents such as image, video and voice.

‘HiddenTag for Broadcast’ embeds, and transmits, an unique watermark to all Korean HDTV national broadcasts. Moreover, new value-added services, which can be connected to commerce/advertisement/VOD, can be created through ‘HiddenTag for Broadcast’.

HiddenTag is the best solution that can protect the value of a customer’s brands without loss of its value.